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Business Philosophy

To make our products healthy and delicious.

Goldencrops Corporation is a food manufacturer based in Taiwan, currently owns 3 factories in Douliu City, Yunlin County. Since 1987, we have grwon become one of the most trusted and key strategic partner of many major food brands. And we now produce more than 1000 private label products, with customers around the globe including almost all world leading food brands.

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ODM Services

We ensure food safety with strict quality management.

One-Stop Solution

Our service emphasizes customization and one-stop solution for clients, from highly customized R&D, processing, manufacturing to packing.

Store Brand – SUNGIFT

Sungift, more than just present.

We believe that good food is not only to satisfy the taste, but also to create the good value of food and solve the problems of today’s food ecology.

In 2004, we founded our store brand “SUNGIFT”, determined to invest in the development of plant-based products. We look forward to lead the trend of food innovation in the future, and make SUNGIFT a good choice for realizing food and environment sustainability.

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