Germ Rice Crisps



Germ Rice Crisps

Made from Taiwan germ rice, not fried. The appearance and nutrition of germ rice are preserved, and the grains are distinct.
It can be eaten after being brewed in hot water, and retains the chewy taste and flavor of rice, and the Q bomb has a bite. It is suitable for the development of convenient meal replacement products or porridge products. Organic specifications are available.

Product Name: Germ Rice Crisps
Code: 50530161
Ingredient: germ rice、tocopherols concentrate、fatty glyceride、salt
Certification: HALAL
Product Usage:
– Add hot water and it’s ready to be served
– For baking cookies, pastry and bread
– Suitable for sweet or salty oatmeal and soup
Weight: 20kg/bag
Storage: Store in cool and dry place for about 12 months.

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