Prune Wheat Powder



Prune Wheat Powder

The selected wheat flour is instantly heated by drum drying. It has good dispersion and gelatinization properties, dense and delicate taste, and unique jujube flavor. It is suitable for making non-staple food for infants and young children over four months.

Product Name: Prune Wheat Powder
Code: 50520040
Ingredient: wheat powder、brown sugar、prune extracts、caramel powder、malt extracts、Antioxidants、Hydrolase
Product Usage:
– Add hot water and it’s ready to be served
– Add with milk, soy milk or whatever you like
– For 4 months+ baby cereal
– Suitable for sweet or salty oatmeal and soup
– Improve the flavor and taste of beverages
Weight: 20kg/bag
Storage: Store in cool and dry place for about 12 months.

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